A new look of private transport
2-seats fast electric aerobike
with vertical take-off
and public roads driving
Folding wings
Fly in forest or city
Excellent handling at speeds up to 100 kmh, possibility of turning and hovering in the air in any position
Drive at public roads
2 meters in width, 1.2 in height and 4 in length.
Lightings, easy controls as in a normal car.

Storage in an ordinary garage
Flying speed 350 kmh
The fastest personal transport in the world!
28 engines with a total output of 420 kW and 900kg thrust !
72 dB turbine noise.
Flight height up to 6 km.
Vertical takeoff up to 1 km.
The same control as in a conventional car plus a tilt of the steering wheel.
Emergency parachute system for the whole aerotrike
High distance
60 kWh Li-polymer battery inside
Flying distance up to 300-500 km (check needed) at one charge at cruise speed 170 kmh
Road distance up to 500 km at one charge at 100 km/h
All types of chargers supported
Charging time about 1 hour
Business class salon
2 сomfortable sport seats with 5-point seat belts
Do any maneuvers without any danger
High-tech headsets with radio support
A capacious luggage compartment for 175 liters
Climate control
Excellent avionics and easy control
Detailed world map with full ADS-B In Traffic and Weather
Surface, all airplanes and weather conditions on one screen
Fly in any location without danger. Use city and airports 3D-maps
5 ride modes
- Vertical takeoff / landing
- Horisontal takeoff / landing
- Free fly
- City fly
- Drive
Road and fly autopilot
Simply select the destination and the neuronet autopilot will take you to the ground and air almost without your participation
Where and how to use ?
Flight from a private house to the city in 10-20 minutes, landing near and driving in the city
Flying door-to-door from city to town with recharge at the сharge stations every 500 km:
- Moscow - St. Petersburg for 2 hours and 1 charge
- Moscow - Berlin for 5 hours and 4 charges
- 12 hours from coast to coast of USA and 11 charges
- Abu Dhabi - Fujairah for 40 minutes over the mountains
With a permitted flight in the city landing on the roof of the building or any free platform
Tourist VIP tours
Overflight of pipelines and communications
Target audience
Businessmen and investors who need to get quickly within the region from point A to point B
Businessmen and investors who do not want to use public transport for long distances and to go long to the airport to a private jet
Cinema and music stars and other celebrities
Film studios
Rich inhabitants of the UAE and other countries with difficulties in movement around the land
VIP travel agencies
Problems of current vehicles
Motorcycles and cars

- Necessity for hard coating
- Dependence on traffic jams
- Safe speed up to 140 km / h
Small aircrafts

- The need for a runway
- Inability to fly in the city and bottlenecks
- Inability to refuel on a regular fuel or charging station
Private helicopters

- The need for a large space (D> 6m) for planting
- The lack of a rescue system due to the presence of a screw
- Middle speed
Some competitors
None of the vehicles at the moment can fly and drive at road, but we сan describe at least nearest:
Flight: 200 km
Diameter of landing: 10m
Speed: 300km / h
Fuel: electric
Autopilot: ??
Price: ??

Flight: 400 km
Diameter of landing: 180m
Speed: 180km / h
Fuel: petrol
Autopilot: no
Price: 400k $
Sold: pre-order

Lillium Jet
Flight: 300 km
Diameter of landing: 30m
Speed: 300km / h
Fuel: electricity
Autopilot: yes
Direct competitor
Flight: 750km
Diameter of landing: 400m
Speed: 360km / h
Fuel: petrol
Autopilot: no
Price: 220k $
Sold: pre-order

Airbus Vahana
Flight: 200km
Diameter of landing: 7m
Speed: 200km / h
Fuel: electric
Autopilot: yes
Price: ?
Sold: prototype
Flight: 50km
Diameter of landing: 10m
Speed: 100km / h
Fuel: electric
Autopilot: yes
Price: ?
Sold: prototype
  • JETcopter
  • Vertical Aerospace
  • Boeing
  • Uber
  • e-Vovo
  • Aston Martin
  • Rolls Royce
  • Passenger Drone
  • Dyson
$150 000
Coming soon at 2022
CEO / Andrey Larchenko
+7 962 943 8644

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